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需要 这么 detail mah?
"Occupational hazard" from the big Air Purifier / El Nino & Haze threads.

Another thing that i learnt from the AP thread is that different people = different needs and different budgets, different expectations also. Some people heck care about sound and power consumption, just want performance. Some want it to be decked out in features like WiFi-Cloud control. Some want the best brand money can buy while others are ok with China stuff.

Guess it's the same with aircon. For some, aircon need the best as they aircon the whole darn 156 sqm mansionette 24 x 2 over the weekend and 13hr nightly on weekdays.
For others, aircon is just for the peak hot nights. Else fan is ok. Others straddle the middle ground.

Anyway i was going through the bills, the cost of my non-inverter system-1 and system-2 plus installation is $1820 (installed by a Malaysian). Aeroflex 9mm tubing from what i can see, not sure about the details. Not fancy stuff.
For what it's worth ba.

Just went lazada, i think it's still low 3K range for a good inverter sys 3 set incld install.

But it was bought and installed in Jan 2010 so that's a 6.5 yr system.
Lastly, i am just damn glad that it isn't leaking or spoilt....coz current air-con pricings are absolutely crazy
Lately got colleague's Daikin stuff, 8 years leak @ FCU liao and could not turn on.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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