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Where do you get 5-tick just $600 more than 2-tick?
Did some online "shopping"...

You mean a 5-tick system-3 aircon is $600 more than a 2-tick system-3 aircon is it? I found one Mitsu electric that's $800 difference. (shown below)...but i am using Mitsu 3A28 vs 4G28 which is $800 diff. A 4A28 vs 4G28 would be $600 diff.

4G28 is 5-ticks. There is also a 3G28. $3560 for both.
3A28 and 4A28 are 2-ticks. 2760 and 2980 prices respectively.

Tried to read more into the specs. Basically there are slight differences in the cooling for different room FCUs depending on the outdoor unit and indoor FCU, which determines the final price. Some people want to size the aircon to their rooms correctly.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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