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Fwah...this is prob not the cheapest pricings around. Anyway, coolserve Mitsubishi electric system 2 plus a system 1 5-ticks inverter would cost 2.5k and 1.1k. 3.6k total. (if compared to my system "directly" though not totally fair coz mine is somewhat old and non-inverter 6.5 yrs @ 1.8k inclusive of installation)

Edit - ok, maybe it's fairer to compare current pricings : a 2 tick Mitsubishi Electric system-3 8.5k FCU is $2760 (3A28). 5-tick system-3 8.5k is $3560 (4G28). So just a few hundred dollars difference in price ($800).
So it's somewhat possible for a moderate 2-rooms nightly usage to recover $800 in 8-9 years. If it's $25 per room per month AC power usage with a 15% effciency diff, the savings would be ~ $630 for 7 years for 2 rooms nightly usage. So also possible for 7 years duration and $600 savings
Again, $25 monthly, = 5hrs of compressor at full tilt (9000 btu/hr thereabouts). Or 10hrs of compressor @ half tilt inverter operation (or 4500 btu/hr). I know i consume less than this, coz mine is non inverter and i know when is the compressor operating/blowing cold air and when it's not (fan only).

Prices really rocketed in the past 6 years huh? (anyway now that i remember, the airconditioners were paid for by my father in law last time as a housewarming gift, so not nice to ask for Inverter and the best etc, i couldn't even top up coz i am sure he wouldn't let us pay anything).

KNS, now you ask me to change 1 unit to Inverter 5 tick, i also sim tiah.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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