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May I know where to get the contact for this company?

Thanks in advance
I have no idea what Aircon is good. I know one thing for sure. The LG Artcool gave me nightmares. The blower thing got spoilt and took almost 3 months get new parts.

Now that i'm buying a resale unit, first thing i'm gonna do is to replace the old Aircon which look like from the 70's

Went to G*** C*** in IMM and was quoted as below. Don't know if this is a good price and if they are trustworthy.

System 3
Mitsubishi MXY-3G28VA 5 TICK
Indoor Unit - MSXY-FJ (2x9000 BTU + 1x12000 BTU)

S$ 3759

System 2
Mitsubishi MXY-3G28VA 5 TICK
Indoor Unit - MSXY-FJ (1x12000 BTU + 1x18000 BTU)

S$ 3159

1/2 inch copper G22 - S$300
Extended warranty 1+4 years System 3 - S$129
Extended warranty 1+4 years System 2 - S$99
50Ft Piping FOC per fan coil. Excess us 4.50/ft for 9K/12K BTU and 7.50/ft for 18K+ BTU

Other Offer I received was as below:

Mitsubishi New Starmex system 2 - $3000


Mitsubishi New Starmex system 3 - $3450


Standard piping materials without upgrade
1. 16mm pvc drainage pipe with 1/4 inch thickness armaflex insulation.
2. 23g copper pipe with 1/2 inch thickness Class 1 armaflex insulation.
3. Keystone/Sigma 3 core 40 & 70 wire.
4. Stainless steel bracket is additional $150 nett with installation if necessary.

1. Compressor 5 year (Dealer warranty)
2. Other parts 1 year (Dealer warranty)
3. Workmanship 5 year (Installer warranty)
1st year to 5th year will be warranty piping and wiring but not included insulation sweating.
Insulation only warranty for 1st year.

April 2016 Package
** Free Site Survey
** Free 2 trip installation
** Free upgrade to G22 copper pipe (Thickness and Hardness gas piping)
** Free upgrade to Class O half inch Armaflex Insulation. (Fire protection quality)
** Free Unlimited piping length
** Free dismantle and disposal old set aircon
** One time ac-hoc general servicing with special rate for no units of install within 1 year- $15 per unit.
** One time ac-hoc chemical overhaul with special rate for no units of install within 2 year- 30% discount
per unit (Price different base on BTU)
** No hidden cost (Nett Price)
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