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Hi to all air con gurus,

Have a couple of questions to ask.

Is it ok to size up from 9k to 13k btu for an old 5rm point block common room?

Does it really matter as it may cycle too much or that's not the case for inverter?

In terms of btu difference, other than higher btu fcu cooling a room faster, does it brings the room to a lower temperature? Eg, 9k btu manages to cool a room to 20 degrees and 13k btu cools a room to 18 degrees, both with 16 degrees preset.

Does an inverter only have 2 speeds part load and full load?

If only 1 unit is running from a system 3, and preset temperature has been attained, does it run part load or lower?

Hope someone can shed some light on my questions.
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