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Haha.... I don't believe in all these figure Even if its from govt.
it just like our saving water projects they go mandate new water tap. In the end, we waste time waiting for water to flow out drop by drop.
I also noticed ice taken out from refrigerator with more tick will melt faster than those with less tick.
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I'll say that you're not wrong on the water taps. If a tap manufacturer has 2 similar taps but 1 is 2-tick (or should I say, 2-drops-of-water) and the other is 3-tick (3-drops-of-water), the 3-tick will have lower flow than the 2-tick.

As far as Mitsubishi's 2-tick vs 5-tick goes, it looks like it also takes longer for the 5-tick to cool a room down than the 2-tick.

I'm not sure I agree with the part about ice though.As long as both freezers are set to the same temperature and both have been running for days, the internal temperature should be the same Unless you're comparing internal temperature within the first few hours of switching both on ...
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