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Hi All,

Was at gain city today to compare the different air con, the Starmex system 4 MXY-4G28VA was selling close to $4.8k (3 x 9k, 1 x 24k)btu.

Honestly, it is way too under powered, if I switch on my main unit, the other 3 units will be super under powered..... in fact, the compressor is only 22k! makes me wonder how a 22k compressor power a 24k coil unit.......

No point getting such an expensive system only to take hours to cool the room and still not cool?

Then I saw the YORK model, YCHMYC028BAMSA-X (From NEA website), it is only $3.8k (3 x 9k, 1 x 18k) btu, the compressor is 28k. (4 ticks somemore)

I had previously asked in here if anyone had any experience with YORK, but everyone seemed to be engross with Starmex, but I went to do some research and found out that while YORK's product is made in china (starmex made in Thailand), YORK has been one of the pioneer and leading company in HVAC technology (including compressor tech).

After some thoughts, I think I will be going for YORK, considering that all the warranty by gain city for either Starmex or YORK is the same, but YORK is $1k cheaper and more powerful, I think its more worthwhile getting YORK?

If anyone has experience with YORK, please share, would really love to find out more on user experience.
I heard York is OEM by Midea. Have you considered Hitachi? I was at GC too, Hitachi System 4 is $3939.

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