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Hi All,

Was at gain city today to compare the different air con, the Starmex system 4 MXY-4G28VA was selling close to $4.8k (3 x 9k, 1 x 24k)btu.
Hi, it's possible to get Mitsubishi Electric inverter system 4 MXY4A28 / MSYGE24VA + MSYGE10VA X 3 at a lower price than 4.8k. I think GC is kind of "overpriced" as they have quite a number of retail shops together with their staff to maintain as well.

I had 2 quotes coming to 4.5k, 1 quote 4.2+k & another 2 quotes <4k. The materials used are 1/2 inch Armaflex class "O" insulation, G22 copper pipe, 16mm drainage pvc pipe & Keystone Cable. Out of these 5 companies, 3 came to my house for no obligation site survey, another company offered but I didn't take it as I decided not to go for it.

Hence, sourcing around via various sources, can get better pricing quotations, even the contact via my reno ID gives a better deal than GC.
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