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i also know but we need to know the black sleep so that we can avoid the unforeseen problems of poor workmanship
I'm actually quoting stoichiometry's comment mentioning that the Starmex system 4 MXY-4G28VA was selling close to $4.8k (3 x 9k, 1 x 24k)btu.

Anyway, cheap doesn't mean good or bad, expensive doesn't mean good or bad either. GC is exp & supposedly established company but yet, there're also lots of people complaining about it, & worse still, people are not just complaining about workmanship.

Like some of the other forum members mentioned, workmanship pretty much depends on the installers who installed the air-con for you.

I personally find that it's not so easy to identify/determine the black sheep because one may encounter a team of not so experienced installers but the company could be highly recommended by many others maybe because they could have gotten a team of more experienced installers. Example would be GC, there's 1 grp of people highly recommends GC while another grp of people strongly advises to avoid GC, so is GC considered trustworthy or a black sheep? If decides to believe it's trustworthy & go ahead with it, what if it turns out to be a black sheep...
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