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Hi, it's possible to get Mitsubishi Electric inverter system 4 MXY4A28 / MSYGE24VA + MSYGE10VA X 3 at a lower price than 4.8k. I think GC is kind of "overpriced" as they have quite a number of retail shops together with their staff to maintain as well.

I had 2 quotes coming to 4.5k, 1 quote 4.2+k & another 2 quotes <4k. The materials used are 1/2 inch Armaflex class "O" insulation, G22 copper pipe, 16mm drainage pvc pipe & Keystone Cable. Out of these 5 companies, 3 came to my house for no obligation site survey, another company offered but I didn't take it as I decided not to go for it.

Hence, sourcing around via various sources, can get better pricing quotations, even the contact via my reno ID gives a better deal than GC.
Hi Cleven,

Thanks for the information. I have looked at a few other providers as well, but after reading through this whole entire thread, I have learned that the installation of the air con plays a critical part as well, and Gain City seems to have a fleet of technicians who are well posed to install the units? I went to a few website and they offer 1 year installation warranty, GC is offering 3 years.......

There are so many stories of condensation leaking, ducts not installed properly, coolant leaking etc.... I was thinking 3 years warranty seems more secured compared to 1 year?

As for the quote for Starmex, you quoted MXY4A28 (2 tick model), the one I saw was MXY-4G28VA (5 tick) system 4. The 2 tick model at GC was selling at $4.3k. I was hesitant about the 5 ticks starmex because of the under powered compressor, which many here have mentioned, upgrading the compressor unit cost another extra $1.2k bringing it to $6k......

Hence I looked at the other options on displayed at GC and found the YORK model (4 ticks) at $3.8 k, the compressor is at higher capacity than starmex, but the sales guy told me its made in China, but the warranty is the same as starmex.

But the members here seemed to be quite against YORK, but a few of my friends who's using YORK in their offices mentioned it is quite an "OK" model, it cools the room fast and seem quiet, but then again, its the estate management that maintains the air cons, so they don't know about the serviceability of YORK.

Alternatively I would be getting the 2 ticks model, but I read on NEA its efficiency is 1 to 2 whole point below YORK and Starmex (5 ticks)....

Such headaches....... I don't mind paying a little more for starmex(5 tick) if it proves worthy, but the figures does show it is under capacity and it will be quite silly of me to ignore the figures?

At the end of the day, many here say its depends on luck if we get a good or bad experience, but since all else is the same, then pricing at the start would be the determining factor?
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