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But the members here seemed to be quite against YORK, but a few of my friends who's using YORK in their offices mentioned it is quite an "OK" model, it cools the room fast and seem quiet, but then again, its the estate management that maintains the air cons, so they don't know about the serviceability of YORK.

At the end of the day, many here say its depends on luck if we get a good or bad experience, but since all else is the same, then pricing at the start would be the determining factor?
Hi bro, I was like you also. I rem I went to Courts during March when LKY passed away period. The Courts sale personnel recommended me EuroAce System 3 which was above $3k.

After doing the research online I realized I could get Starmex System around the same price. And of course it is no brainer to choose Starmex rather than Europace with almost the same price.

York is not so recommended as I heard from the installer saying he got customer from hotel cursing and swearing as it broke down pretty often...
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