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The reply was that they believed in good workmanship & materials used for the installation at the very beginning, that is why they give only a year of workmanship warranty. Thinking of it, it does make some sense. No point having lengthy installation warranty if the workmanship, materials, customer service, etc, are not that good. Imagine still under installation warranty even after a yr but you can't get the company to resolve the problem for you. Hence, for certain company that I saw lots of bad reviews from past till even now, e.g. All Best, sorry, I'll still give it a miss, no matter how attractive the price is.
Hi bro,
I recommend Supreme Aircon if you interested to explore futher. The boss Texan Chia, was a nice guy who did not hard sell to me and the installer was also good(no issue on my installation since last year).

The boss is in his 50-60s, a local and was a PBM and Treasurer of ZhongHua Pri Sch. But you have to do you own due diligence to check and decide..

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