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Hi bro,
I recommend Supreme Aircon if you interested to explore futher. The boss Texan Chia, was a nice guy who did not hard sell to me and the installer was also good(no issue on my installation since last year).

The boss is in his 50-60s, a local and was a PBM and Treasurer of ZhongHua Pri Sch. But you have to do you own due diligence to check and decide..
Thanks! But is Supreme Aircon more for MHI?

Actually my wife is the one doing most of the research for our hse reno & feeding me with the information. She stopped her work to look after & teach the kids. She's much more detailed than me as her previous job involved scrutinising quotations & vendors, haha... I'm only more actively reading here whereas she has read lots of other forums & blogs, here including, & told me about the reviews about the various companies.

She told me to avoid All Best, Best Tech, suspects to be "related". GC's camp split 1/2 1/2, a grp strongly recommends & another grp strongly advises against it. Aircon Design, which was our last installer & also the one servicing our current aircons, she found the quotation to be exp & since we have been them for yrs for servicing, they didn't even offer us any complimentary servicing, so she's not considering them anymore. The one recommended by our ID isn't that cheap either although it would be easier to coordinate but a whopping $500 difference, so she's not considering them either. Neighbourhood shop like Goh Ah Bee, they outsourced it to Dr Cool, & price wise not that cheap either, 4.1+k but not using the better materials.

She browsed a lot of forums/blogs as she said cannot trust one source for feedback, example like renotalk, those who speak good of the company could be the company self promoting themselves, likewise those who speak ill of a company could be a competitor bad mouthing other companies. She said if a company doesn't bother to do a non obligatory site survey before you make a purchase, then she doesn't bother to consider that company too, cos if pre-sales already yaya papaya, can imagine how post-sales can be...
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