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Thanks! But is Supreme Aircon more for MHI?
Supreme Air can install any brand you want. But being MHI dealer(I guess), he will somehow promote MHI. No force selling, that one must take MHI by him...(If he really force sell, you can play slow by telling him you need time to decide and contact him later lor) then call him to say not interested, hehe...

Your wife and you are right that we consumers are skeptical when come to source for big ticket item like aircon. I was like you last year. My experience was not everyone was so unlucky to have bad encounter when installing aircon. Just ask around your friends or colleague and you can know better...

I also read those forums you mentioned last year till my whole brain flooded and cannot decide. Family members finally ask how come take so long to make up mind as hot weather was coming(June-onward). Luckily got it done by April before the stupid Indo haze came...

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