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Nothing special about their price IMO. If i were to go with an online company without the kind of local, brick&mortar presence that gives it more street credentials, i would expect a lower price.

Personally, i would stay with a more established company that's been around for a longer time.
So what would u recommend then?

We wanted to go for more establised company too if possible, like GC. Im fact, I personally went to a GC branch, well not too impressed, basically walked in & out w/out anyone entertaining, that was during off peak. My wife read a lot about GC on online forums & the complaints in recent yrs seem to hv increased, some even commenting that they aren't as gd as in the past.

Like I said cheaper doesn't mean it'll be gd or bad, same goes for expensive, likewise bigger established comp with physical front doesn't nessarily mean it's gd, those with no physical front not necessarily it's bad either.

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