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I'm going with another smaller company. Price not cheapest but he doesn't use cheap materials. If you research enough you'll realize the prices across all companies are about the same.

Most of the difference is in the material cost. Of course, there's a further premium if you go with companies like GC/coolserve. Guess that's up to the individual to decide if it's worth it or not.

And no.. i won't agree that no physical front = not necessarily it's bad. Simply because you don't know their reputation. Reputation takes many years to build. Even with all the complains GC gets.. at least they have a shop front and if something bad happens, there's a way to get justice.

Remember also that people are more vocal about complains than they are about compliments. GC does very high volume so for every complain you see online.. there are countless other jobs well done that nobody mentions in forums.

As for the random online shop without any reputation on the streets.. who knows? All the renotalk comments are simply clone posters disguising as fake customers. Heck, there were even some accounts on hwz here posting fake reviews.
while most of your points are valid, I think as I have mentioned earlier, all it takes is bad workmanship to bungle up everything

this industry as a whole is very unregulated and full of shams, much like the mattress industry

and unfortunately there is no one around who is trying to capitalize on this weakness
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