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Pomade is kind of a really loose term now since the word itself is an "in" thing. It's the whole package consisting of gentlemen barbershops + dapper haircuts + pomade + old school that is in trend now, hence the word has stuck. But in actual fact, most of these pomades advertised are essentially clays, waxes and creams. For example, Baxter of California's Clay Pomade is a clay, not a pomade imo. It's just the marketing and advertising part of things to fit the current trend. A traditional pomade is typically petroleum based, and provides a high hold and shine. Although you can find many water based variants nowadays.. so yep! Loosely used term.

As for Gatsby Moving Rubber.. I guess everyone more or less started with these so can't blame haha. But honestly they are really difficult to wash off for starters, and in terms of quality of ingredients, they can't match up to the brands which are commonly discussed here. I'd say almost any brand of hair product being discussed here would beat Gatsby products any day. Haha I think everyone would agree!

Pomades are usually for those slicked back type right? If I'm going for other looks a wax/clay would work better? Any brands to recommend?

Also, not sure if I'll get shot to death by asking this, but what's everyone's opinion of Gatsby Moving Rubber?
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