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Stylists for events/photoshoots all that ma, you think he go buy coffee or watches games still need summon stylist meh. Some more his also don't stay with the stylist at home. Surely aga aga know how to groom himself a bit one ma. Maybe he uses HDF? Or even if stylist, they could be using HDF on his hair ma haha.
you think hollywood is daily glam meh.
you see all those A-listers, all wear cap and shades when they are out doing chores.
apart from those models and stuff, those are fashionista and they can or know how to dress.

they only look fabulous during events. if not, they are like regular peeps like us, except way hotter than all of us combined, even though with a cap and shades on.

and i bet he doesn't use HDF at all.
lol he got the baxter of cali feel or hairbond face.
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