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Credit Report Grade HH how Sia

Within the past two months, did a lot of financial shifting, from opening BonusSaver current account, to Maybank iSavvy plus account, den one Maybank Flexibiz account, and medical and retirement insurance.

But hor, at the same time applied many many credit cards, got 3 within two months. But the grade down to HH straight sia, yesterday just check. Everytime open bank account or go shopping, keep ask me register. But I plan two for normal usage, the other two (gt to sign up anyway due to NUSS and IEEE membership, part of benefits) for backup.

How long it takes for credit bureau to recover my grade? Till now all the new cards and cancelled $500 limit cards still not updated yet. Hv not over charged, not even more than 30% of credit limit.

Heard if I continue to keep paying CC bills with A records, the grade will bounce back within 3 months. True boh? If not how sia.

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