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since your HH grade is very recent, what you can do is to just focus on using one credit card to improve your rating

previously i shared a method in another cc thread about improving your credit rating, which you can consider doing.

1) buy something which is between 30-50 bucks and charge it to one card.
2) wait for the transaction to be posted
3) abt 3-4 work days later, check the credit card transaction via your banking app or ibanking.
4) Once you see that this transaction has been posted, go to the nearest SAM or AXS machine and settle the full amount immediately
5) Wait one work day for the bank to reflect that they have received the payment.
6) Once received, repeat Step 1 to Step 5. Do this for a few weeks

by doing this, you are slowly clocking positive rating

thx... will try that, but already used existing cards liao, all is below 1k, less than 10% usage.

Dunno this method, me is ji tao throw in 1k thru axs to pay. Still waiting for the report to update fully. Clock the first 'A' for payment of AMEX card. The other cancelled 500 limit cards all not updated yet.
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