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GetZGY Hair Wax

Latest news on Getzgy's "homebrewed" Hair Wax product. Had received it yest and tried it out today. I don't think there's a need to go into any details for a review.

The product is almost exactly the same as their matte clay which is made by a lab in the USA. Identical ingredients, same smell, same texture and just about the same results. Only difference is in the colour. Oh did I forget to mention, it comes with the same problem - very drying on the hair. Looks like the addition of argan oil and jojoba oil etc was just a marketing/sales gimmick. All in all, f***ing disappointing.

I wouldn't call it a unique homebrewed formula if it results in a product that is almost exactly the same as the one cooked up by the lab in the USA. What's more, they market it out as two different products. They sure can fool the rest of the mass market who don't know much about hair products but for more experienced users, this is absolute sheet. If this is the direction in which our local "homebrewing" scene is headed, then can't say we no sarpork local products liao. Gonna be sticking to the overseas brands brought in by our honest local resellers/retailers as of now. I guess it's gonna take alot, now more than ever, to change that.

Rant over.
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