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Actually I hold 2 master degrees (one from local ivy) and 1 grad diploma and a few years working experience while my batch all just graduated with a first degree when I graduate with my last degree. Who says sinkieland no local talent (neh, shld humble ma, we r skilled workers, they r skilled migrants) de? So, yes, I am 1987 not 88 (I guess ppl can put 88 as it is a prosperity number, no law says must stick to the norm), but already working multiple jobs liao.

The bank loan I have is for tuition fee loan for NUS master degree, $10k. Paid fully and now no more loan for years already. Yes, per date, I already have 3 credit cards under my belt, and canceled all previous credit cards of $500 limit.

Yes, now I paid $5 for the $2 payment. CIMB still have not refund me back the other $3. So how, now the bank owe me $3, I will grade the bank a very low grade and dun bank with them anymore? Ridiculous. The grading system is a bit too rigid and does not even accommodate more different situations. And the bank make a transaction of $3 and mail me a letter with postage costs? Lol.
Umm ok, paiseh for wrong assumption on the life history

As for missing the payment I'm pretty certain that's how it works. That's why upfront they list all your credit cards down and the payment history, and it's a simple Y or N for payment made in full. The details about outstanding amounts come later in the report. Hence, it's logical to guess that CBS places more emphasis on timely payments as compared to amount owed.

So I suppose you can try to defend your idea of logic here, or take it up directly with the ones who actually have control over your rating....
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