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Lol no worries, if nobody is interested then just let the thread die.

The 4 core modules have very minimal, almost negligible maths involved. If there was, it was pretty basic stuff most of us should have covered in Secondary school/JC/Poly/Uni like simple probability. The focus is on how you apply the tools, not learning them.

Some of the elective modules are maths heavy, but not in the sense that it involves high level calculus. More knowing which formulas you need to use for which situation and purpose.

My maths is very rusty as I have been in the working force for 8 years already. Avoided all the maths heavy modules by applying for and taking some cross-programme electives.
The whole course is what? 8 modules or 12 modules long?
Wa. Didn't know that can siam the maths like that. NTU also anything goes system. I am too lazy to open a new tab the google. How much did you pay for this and how would you rate the usability of this degree in your workplace and also the supposed better chances in your future career progression?
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