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There are 2 options to complete the Masters:
1. Coursework and Dissertation
8 Courses (4 core, 4 electives) + Dissertation

2. Coursework Only
10 Courses (4 core, 6 electives)

Most people did option 2. For the electives, there was one semester where I had limited choices, all heavy in maths. Then one of my classmates told me he applied for a module from Msc Supply Chain and Logistics. So I went to check it out and applied also. Need to fill up a form to say why you want to take cross module.

In total for the 4 semesters I paid around $9400, inclusive of GST, misc fees, etc.

In terms of usability, I think it depends on each person's attitude and experience. The classmates I interacted with who enjoyed the lessons the most and found them the most useful were those with a number of years of work experience. Those who went straight for Masters from their Bachelor degree were often lost, bored and couldn't contribute much. I think they were trying to get papers, not knowledge. Personally, I found the core modules the most applicable and could immediately use the concepts to aid in my work managing large scale projects.

I also took and obtained PMP certification in 2015, which has some similar topics. So what I learned in NTU was pretty useful for that as well.

Most companies have no recognition or award scheme for people upgrading their Bach degree to a Masters. I very rarely see any job listing requiring a Masters either.

Having a Masters probably will help a little for you to stand out from the crowd, but if you're looking for better pay and meeting advertised job requirements in the current employment ecosystem, you're better off looking at getting professional certifications.
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