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Ok. Let's keep the thread moving since it has already moved.
For a non-engineering, non-technical person who has some years of work experience in an admin job, how would you rate the usefulness of the course in terms of using project management and system thinking to at least understanding and attempt to fix? some longstanding recurring problems?

I have some idea as to what systems thinking is and find it a very useful set of knowledge to have. I just do not know how it will translate for people who are not project managers or who are neither here nor there.
pine pine u wanna do pm? pm is like a guy's job, lol, lots of ot during projects.

without technical skills in it or engineering, pm is less useful, as u probably wont even be a mger in the first place. i read the prince framework before but i forgot everything. pm is just drawing charts flow, project plan, backups, etc.
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