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Ok. Then recommend me some books/websites. Good one's preferably with pictures. Books with all words do not evoke good memories for me.
But I think given that you found it very useful shows that the $9,000 was well spent.

Another question, other than NTU, were you looking at any other comparable courses before you s ettled on them? And why?
One of my favorite books for real world project management is this one:

It's easy to read (about 100+ A5 sized pages) and can be entertaining. When I showed this page to my colleagues they all laughed at how true it was:

But that book won't help you with PMP. PMP is theoretical and ideal-world, whereas that book confronts the truth of how projects can be extremely messy. I have a hardcopy of this, not sure if it's possible to find free pdf copies online.

There are PDF copies of "Absolute Beginner's Guide To project Management" floating around the web. That one is a little more comprehensive and closer to PMP structure. It will touch on the tools and concepts but not go in depth on how to use the tools.

Videos may be more interesting, and you can pick and choose specific topics to learn. This channel has lots of good videos which covers basic to advanced stuff, and their terminology and structure is consistent with the PMP:

For Systems Engineering, one of the easier textbooks to read is "Systems Engineering Principles and Practice" by Alexander Kossiakoff, William N. Sweet, Samuel J. Seymour and Steven M. Biemer. It's a 500+ page book, but the way to learn I've found is to read through the more basic parts and skip the advanced stuff first, then come back when you have more experience / put more thought into the topics. You can find PDF copies online as well.

Apart from NTU, I did try luck to apply for NUS Msc Project Management. I was rejected, which wasn't a surprise cos I didn't meet the requirements (bachelorís degree with honours). I'm happy I got into NTU Msc SPM instead though. To be honest, the Msc SPM only has 50% of one module that covers Project Management. All the other core modules are more on Systems Engineering. Then I picked the electives which were relevant to my work like supply chain management and product design. Useful stuff so you know what you are talking about when you are managing suppliers and technical staff.
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