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My comment in bold.

Singtel is charging me $4.95 for the rental of MIO Box, which I intend to return. So I will need a set top box for HD resolution.

My current Panasonic 55 inch LED 3D TV does not have a built in digital tuner.

So I would like to ask which brand of set top box + digital antenna should I buy? And where should I buy from?
Any brand within your budget. Branded one can be purchase from Courts, HN, NTUC Xtra, etc. Unbranded PRC can be purchase online from Qoo10, Lazada, Aliexpress, Ebay, etc.

Can I just buy the set top box without buying digital antenna? (I'm able to watch SD channels if I'm not using the MIO box)
Depend on your existing source, if coming from MATV then can continue using it but if from SH then chances are it will be disconnected by end 2017.

On another side note, my relative recently bought a Panasonic 4K TV with a built in digital tuner and an akira antenna. It seems that channel 8 subtitles are very sharp while channel U subtitles are blurry. What could be causing the problem? Is that a defect in the TV itself or problems with the Akira antenna?
The answer is simple becoz Ch-U is still not broadcast in HD yet.

PM me if you're looking for Ohm referral code. Tks.

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