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Yes it can receive from the SCV point, but I suspect the point having issue as it's grainy even after I change cable.
So do you mean if my tv only support DVB-T, I still have to buy a box that support T2? I've read somewhere that as long as it have a digital tuner then an antenna would do. And I assume that with DVB-T it would mean my tv has a digital tuner right?

Sorry been reading up too much getting a little confused here.
Have you try changing the TV input source to Digital (DVB-C) as it could be still set to analogue?

DVB-T is the older digital TV broadcast standard, DVB-T2 is the DVB standard adopted here (and worldwide).

And yes you need a DVB-T2 STB (set-top box) if your TV only support DVB-T but as stated before if you can use the built-in DVB-C tuner and use SH SCV point as source.
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