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Hi, is the 8.5 amp limit still in place for 5 room hdb? i checked hdb website only says 20 amp dp isolator,

i have 1 20 amp dp can install 2nd 20 amp dp then use 2 MXY-4A38VA 1 for living room 1 for 3 bedrooms, if no limit should be 15.28 amps each will i get 38,000 btu from each compressor?

if can go up to 15.28 amps on the 20 amps dp isolator, what about the 5 tick starmex using MXY-5G48VA,

how many amps if its 48,000 btu?

Hi Neptune, i'm also living in an old 5 room hdb.

I recently enquired on a system 5 but was told no point getting as unable to utilize the the entire condenser as the current limit is 8.5a

Even with 28,000 btu only can utilize around 25,000.

Maybe someone can give some inputs on this?
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