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For the SSS to be achieve its maximum effectiveness in terms of providing hold and volume, yes your hair has to be damp (preferably towel dried) > spritz on the SSS > blow dried on hot setting. This is how majority of the users use it - as a pre-styler. The properties of the SSS + the heat from the hair dryer are what makes the product work best.

But it'll definitely still provide a certain amount of hold and texture if you just simply spray it onto your hair both when its damp or dry. Just not as much as as when used via the steps mentioned above.

What I could suggest is spraying it onto towel dried hair, then blow dry using the cool setting on your hair dryer. If it's the heat damage that you're afraid of, I guess this would be the next most viable option.

When you use OS/Ref sss, is the effect the same when you don't shower before using? Also the same question for blow drying. Reason is because my hair is already dropping so I don't blow dry even if there's the option of argen oil
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