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Xman, I was quoted 3k from Daikin Alexandra for system 3 but they exclude cabling. They have free site visit if u confirm with them. Otherwise, u gotta pay $50 for it. My friend confirmed with them but installation only in June. I will see if it's good then decide if to get from them.
I am having someone to take a look at the aircon whether feasible to repair, looking at Daikin system 3 but no vendor in mind yet. Might just call up Parisilk to send someone to access my ac needs, I regularly get stuff from them. Think I will need 9000 btu x 2 and living room will be 18000btu. Any recomend from you guys is appreciated. Noted the new Daikin(silver coloured) made from Czech and white one is made in Thailand.
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