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Just went over during Lunch, Daikin proshop(Fortuna), just clarify, includes all wiring and cabling, dont have to source to buy anything. Quoted DAIKIN SILVER ENVI SYSTEM 3 ( 2X FTKJ25NVM +1 X FTKJ42NVM) -$4980 +150 for bracket.
2 x FTKS25DVM (9K BTU) and 1 x FTKS50FVM (18K BTU)-$3450 (Inclusive of bracket... warranty 2+1 +90days(if buy at proshop). Any feedback on FTKS25DVM ?
Walau eh..... Then why the lady quote me 3k for the system 3 (3MKS71) for $3k without cabling... She even say their package don't cover cabling... Wonder is it becos yours higher end so include cable or she see me honest face so try to exclude the cable
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