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Just went over during Lunch, Daikin proshop(Fortuna), just clarify, includes all wiring and cabling, dont have to source to buy anything. Quoted DAIKIN SILVER ENVI SYSTEM 3 ( 2X FTKJ25NVM +1 X FTKJ42NVM) -$4980 +150 for bracket.
2 x FTKS25DVM (9K BTU) and 1 x FTKS50FVM (18K BTU)-$3450 (Inclusive of bracket... warranty 2+1 +90days(if buy at proshop). Any feedback on FTKS25DVM ?
All most all the vendors quote me "FTKS25DVM" fan-coil model. I have seen the actual set and it looks fine but a bit shorter as compared with others.
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