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MHI System 2 with CoolServe

Finally took the plunge and place order with Coolserve for a MHI system 2.
Installation will be on 9th June. Will see how it goes.

Wanted to go for 9000BTU as both the rooms are about 150 square feet each. But according to Coolserve, the distributor of MHI has no stock of 9000BTU hence the current promo for free upgrade to 12000BTU.
Also upgraded the insulation to 1/2" armaflex class-1 but kept the copper pipe at 23 SWG due to budget constraint.

Generally their price is on the higher side, only Gain City is more expensive than them. But their optional like bracket and insulation/copper pipe upgrade is more expensive than Gain City.
So overall, Coolserve and GC's prices are about the same.

Decided to go with CoolServe as my friend uses them and said good things.
Will see how the installation goes. Hopefully I made the right choice.
*fingers crossed*
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