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did a quotation request via email..3days back
only cool engine replied as follows:

Daikin inverter System 3 - $2920

Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 - $2860

** Note: Above price is for 1 storey HDB/BTO

Stardard piping materials without upgrade
1. 16mm pvc drainage pipe with 1/4 inch thickness armaflex insulation.
2. 23g copper pipe with 1/2 inch thickness Class 1 armaflex insulation.
3. Keystone/Sigma 3 core 40 & 70 wire.
4. Stainless steel bracket is additional $150 nett with installation if necessary.
5. Total piping length for system 3 is 45 meter (Over length will be charge $8 per meter, max charge up to 15 meter)

1. Compressor 5 year (Dealer warranty)
2. Other parts 1 year for Mitsubishi (Dealer warranty)
Other parts 1+2 years for Daikin (Dealer warranty) - Purchase by 18/6/2016
3. Workmanship 2 year (Installer warranty)
1st year to 2nd year will be warranty piping and wiring but not included insulation sweating.
Insulation only warranty for 1st year.

May 2016 Package
** Free Site Survey
** Free 2 trip installation
** Free upgrade to G22 copper pipe (Thickness and Hardness gas piping)
** Free upgrade to Class O half inch Armaflex Insulation. (Fire protection quality)
** Free Unlimited piping length (For BTO only)
** Free dimantle and disposal old set aircon
** One time ac-hoc general servicing with special rate for no units of install within 1 year- $15 per unit.
** One time ac-hoc chemical overhaul with special rate for no units of install within 2 year- 30% discount
per unit (Price different base on BTU)
** No hidden cost (Nett Price)
** Promotion while stock last.
** $100 deposit payment upon job confirmation.$900 payment upon piping installation. Rest of payment is
COD upon completion of job (Cash or cheque payment acceptable)

Michelle Soon - Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service/Cold Engine Engineering Pte Ltd
Tel: 65 63620363 Fax: 65 63622032

still tinking to get from who now
if.. Proshop alexandra does not provide cabling and is already at 3k.
Proshop giving additional 3months warranty. Seems cold engine price quite good leh...if include the free upgrade, then specs will be the same as Proshop but better deal from cold engine since it is $80 cheaper and include cabling
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