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Agreed, Quicksand provides good hold and volume for fine hair, but at the expense of really drying out the hair - at least in my experience. I've noticed that products such as Quicksand and SSS - which tend to remove excess oil tend to work better in our climate for a couple of main reasons -

#1: Our hair type - Most of us have the "asian" hair type, which is mostly quite limp and flat. So it can't take much weight, hence voluminous (poofy) hairstyles tend to be abit more difficult to hold up.
#1: Our SG climate - Humidity - Moisture settles on our hair, adding extra weight which in turn weighs the hairstyle down.

These two added together contributes to many of the issues we have with our hairstyles not holding well. Can say that we're rather suay la.

Which is why I say products like Quicksand and SSS make our hairstyles much more durable. This is because they absorb all that moisture and oils etc that would otherwise weigh the hair down.

This will be a controversial choice but consider Quicksand.

It's super dry and has better hold than most products mentioned here despite smelling a back off putting. I personally find it quite enjoyable to use.
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