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[Maylyn - Networking - Preview] ASUS BRT-AC828M2 Router

As usual, you guys will be the first to see what ASUS TW networking has to offer, which no one else in the world has yet mention it on the WWW.

A simple Google search reveal none besides the red-dot 21 design

The next ASUS flagship router from ASUS TW is coming , (I already got the green light from ASUS TW, which i can reveal the SKU) but specifications/performance/sales date/price are still currently under embargo until further notice.

~ Teaser ~

ASUS BRT-AC828M2 router

ASUS BRT-AC828 is a high-end wireless router, succeeded from its previous generation. The new model is embedded with duo-chip processor set, sharply decrease the disconnecting failure and greatly improve the transmitting performance. The hidden venting holes are well integrated inside the aerodynamic top case design, optimizing the cooling channel. The side profile and 3D pattern is designed to imitate the visible air flow, enhancing its air dynamic and powerful product image. To discover in more detail, the metallic antenna core can be found through the delicate split cut, revealing the boundless data transmission. The entire design is shaped and trimmed by multiple and neat surfaces, showing the perfect match of authentic and extraordinary performance. The ASUS BRT-AC828/M2 is aiming at top-class users, performs even more beyond expectation.
From ~>

Stay tuned in the coming days which more details will be reveal
ASUS SG/TW Networking Tester

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