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thinking of system 2, havent really check out the prices,
but which would be a more logical choice?

MHI SCM45ZJ-S (15.3k BTU/hr) ($535 annual elec usage) / SRK25ZMA-S x2
LG A2UQ18GFA1 (15.8k BTU/hr) ($564 annual elec usage) / AMNC09GDBA2 x2
Panasonic CU-2XS18RKZ (17.1k BTU/hr) ($558 annual elec usage) / CS-XS9RKZW x2

any comments? are their price range close? any reliability issues with these models?
I'll be getting my MHI System 2 installed in 1.5 weeks time.
If you can wait, will let you know my experience afterwards.

Currently there is a promo to upgrade the SRK25ZMA (9K BTU) to SRK35ZMA (12K BTU) for free. Apparently the disti for MHI runs out of the 9K model hence the current free promo.

I believe MHI should be the most expensive out of the 3 systems. I went for it as there seems to be the least number of complains on it after doing some online research. There is also a promo for a $100 voucher for a system 2 installation which helps negate some of the additional cost.
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