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Hi Guys, I got the following quote for my EM, living room plus 2 bedrooms. each room is average 4m by 3.5m (i partitioning the living room with sliding door). I am not a heavy user:

Supply and install air con with 3/8” insulation, copper pipe gauge 23 and 16mm PVC drainage piping by
‘’exposed trunking’
1(a)Location : 2 Bedrooms/ Living Hall
Brand : Mitsubishi Electric (Refrigerant: R410A) (Energy Label: 2 ticks)
Model : MXY-3A28VA / MSY-GE10VA x 2 / MSY-GE13VA (System 3)
Fan coil capacity : 2 x 8,530 Btu/hr + 11,942
All on capacity : 2 x 7,540 Btu/hr + 10,508 Btu/hr
Price with 7% GST : $3,060.20/-

2(a)Supply and install 1 no. of Normal L or opening bracket – If any
Additional charges:
Price with 7% GST : $160.50
(b)Upgrade ˝” thickness insulation
Price with 7% GST : $85.60 per set x 3 sets = $256.80
Special Price : $53.50 per set x 3 sets =
• Piping length more than 15m will be chargeable at $160.50nett per roll per fan coil unit (If any)
• Prices include supply and standard installation
• Prices exclude ceiling plastering / painting / submission of drawing / lifting and hoisting/ scaffoldings / ceiling modification /changing of ceiling/ Hacking of cement wall etc.
• Ex-stock prior to sales
• Power point to be supply by others
• 5 year warranty on compressor from Agent
• 1 year warranty on spare parts from Agent
• 1 year warranty on workmanship from COOLSERVE Air-Condition Engineering
Note: (1) Prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation
(2) Payment terms : cash / cheque on the day of installation
(3) Kindly submit a purchase order for confirmation; otherwise please return this
quotation via fax, complete with endorsement

seems a lot of hidden cost here? brand of materials not stated and also i noticed that exclude charges for hacking and repainting. is this normal?
Jus back from Fortuna Daikin at Alexandra Centre, its quite a new building, no crowd at all and comfortably discussing the unit details, as your above mention installation items are now quite standard i opt for 2x9btu , 1x12btu and Living hall 24btu, as comeressor of 24btu.
no hidden cost, dispose old ones and installation at $4850 with steel bracket in.
Happy with the deal and dot at the store.
compressor- 5 yrs warranty by Daikin
spare parts - 1+3yrs warranty by Daikin and addition 3 months warranty if bought frm Proshop.
workmanship - 1 yr by Fortuna.

No Fuss and straight to the point.
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