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I have the same question. I'm thinking of doing the following. Any idea if it will work.

Basically all the rooms are wired with concealed antenna wires and connection points, which is plugged into the TVs to receive analog signal. And all this point converge at 1 central point before connecting to the antenna outside the flat which is the input of the analog signal.

I propose disconnecting this outside input. Then I connect the DVB2 antenna to thing convergence point. In this case, won't all the rooms receive the digital signal provided by this DVB2 antenna? I'm hoping that this works, because then (a) don't need to purchase multiple antennas for all TVs, (b) don't have unsightly indoor antennas everywhere.

This is of course provided all the TVs have either built-in digital tuner or existing STB.

Experts can comment if this will work?
Ok guys, its been 2 months since I have the idea and finally got the time to get this done.

Did this in the DB where the the antenna input came from outside the flat and split to all the rooms. Open the box, disconnect the input cable. Then connect the digital antenna to the input port like the above photo.

Above is a closeup of the new connection.

Everything is done! At all the TVs, I still use the normal antenna cables from the wall to the TV. Just go into settings to switch to Digital signal and rescan for the HD digital channels. I am able to get digital HD signal in all the TVs in all the rooms. All my TVs have digital tuner built in. But I suppose it will work with set-top boxes.

With this setup I'm able to get 100% on Quality and between 60%-70% on signal strength. Guess is due to the placement of the antenna. But even with these figures, no problem watching all the channels. Will continue monitoring and update if there's problem.

I see there are 2 benefits with this setup:
1) No need to buy extra antennas for each TV, thus cost savings
2) Aesthetically pleasing, since no need to put any external antenna in each room near windows or TV

And lastly guess which digital antenna did I use?

Just want to share my experience. Any thoughts? Happy tweaking!
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