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push up is for kids, pull up is for man.

enuff said.

Do note that kids, men, elites around the world do pull up & push up to build strength. Why discourage kids from doing pull up?
You must be kidding.

Pull up & Push up is a test of strength & muscle endurance in your
Upper Body.
Regardless of Pull up or Push up, Go for #UpperBodyFit.

4 main Movement,
Vertical - 1) pull 2) push
Horizontal - 3) pull 4) push
Regardless of Vertical or Horizontal, Go for #MovementFit.

Our motivators had shared full details on 4 main Movement.
Do read up to #Unlock another #LeakSecrets.

36 pull ups, 84 push ups,
that is super upper body strength & endurance,
who can beat it

When someone make a posting on the social media, is to share, push each other to greater high. One should take it positively & try to surpass it.
Here, we are promoting, encouraging each others to - Be Their Best.

#IPPT #SAF #BarBrothersSG #army #nsman #LKY #DrCheeSoonJuan
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