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This Coolserve har, i upgrade to G22 copper pipe, but they did not give me DNE brand. The brand they use for my case is "Natube". Damn piss off with their boss for coming out with this type of monkey trick. Their workmanship i think ok. 1 mth already no problem yet.
Did you upgrade copper pipe? Pls tell me what brand they use for yours after installation. Their upgrade package damn ex! Make me feel shortchange. Then, did they include additional cost of another 15m for your case?
No, I did not upgrade copper pipe due to budget constraint.
As you said, their optional upgrade pricing is the highest I saw, even more ex than GC.

Anyway, I read your post previously and mention this to Coolserve. Their reply was, if I wanted DNE for the 22SWG copper pipe, all I had to do is tell their installer on the day.
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