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Hi Guys
Would like to have some advice for my situation. I have air con which is (maybe) faulty - because it can be hot / cool without maintaining the temperature . We want to re-do the piping when changing the air con since it was somehow done in weird way before.

The problem i have now is :

1. Should i contact old ID that did my house (because one of the piping is behind the custom made wardrobe) that we have done.
Or just get independent site survey
2. If independent site survey - any recommendation of contractor that generally do ok ? I dont need super good price - just reasonable workmanship and reasonable price.

TIA for any advice
You are in the same GG situation as me, pipings well hidden behind custom-made cupboard.

Personally I don't think the old contractor would be of any good, they won't be able to remember and who knows which sub-con worked on your house?

Best to get a new surveyor and start from scratch.
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