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Thanks maur_james.

Got a quote from Cold Engine for the following config

16mm PVC drainage pipe with 1/4" insulation
23G copper pipe (free upgrade to 22G) with 1/2" Armaflex insulation
Keystone/Sigma 3C40 & 3C70 wire
Free 2 trips installation

Total cost $5280

Is this reasonable?

Also Cold Engine is asking for 4k deposit upon confirmation and 1k upon piping installation.. Is this common?

Thanks in advance!
I was told by my installer that Daikin Silver Envi, the D MOBILE that works with the phone is no longer free. I have to pay additional $120 if I want...
Yes, my quotation from Cold Engine also requires huge deposit amount as they mention that they need to purchase the aircon from Daikin by 18th June and promotion ends around end June.

I was also told that I need to pay for the D Mobile as no longer free but the amount is lesser than $120 from Cold Engine.

Guess there is a misconception from some of the dealers that they actually bundle the D Mobile into their aircon package so it seems free for the customers but at the dealer's end, it is being purchased separately.
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