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HAHA bo pian, sinkie or not, a deceiver as a deceiver. #suportlocal - The honest ones that is
If you wanna support local, the nearest to local homebrew would be Gonzo pomade in Malaysia. tia gong these 2 malaysian lads went to Japan to learn the ropes of homebrewing and spent some time in Japan brewing their product there. so not exactly homebrew still la since they brewed it in Japan but at least they had control of what ingredients is going into the making of their own pomade. They have a collab pomade with the guys at Shiner Gold but tia gong not as good as their own product.

In terms of VFM, Gonzo is really up there. I rotate it around with my Daimon no.1 and Bluebeards Revenge Pomade. Absolutely hate those gel pomades like Jadioc/Suavecito that give me the damn helmet head. I ordered an O'doud's water-based, coming today or tomorrow, can't wait to try it too, heard the new formula is sickkkk.

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