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Well it's not like their more dishonest than anyone else.... Mensbazaar say byvilain from UK, Denmark... Like pri sch geog fail one... U can say they purposely misleading also ar LOL, when obviously the information is out there extremely available.

Then some items like the much famed OS sea spray, it says sea spray but all the sellers always say sea salt spray. U can say purposely misleading? Also... U can't even google where it's from. Like zero information online or on the bottle. But is it not trustworthy?

If u base ur trust on a few words (or lack thereof)... Can lock urself in dungeon liao, whole world lying to you hahaha
quote for truth. lolol.
but but but ubersuave, say its from Cali, and no ready information available till someone digged further.
so can say is misleading bo?
ur answer in bold....
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