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hi guys, need your help to access if this deal and the package is sufficient...

Currently second room hack away and combine with masterbed room...
I intend to install 2 x compressor as i want it to be cold... still thinking to have living room as 1 x standalone, than the masterbed room and guest room to share 1 compressor or the other way round...

there's 2 option with different BTU....

option 1 (Grand total : $5600)
- mitsubishi electric (Is it starmax? or MHI?)
- Model Muy24va Msyge24va
- Total $2400

- mitsubishi electric
- Model Mxy 4a28
- Msyge24va x01
- Msyge13va x01
- Total 3200

Option 2 (Grand total $5600)
- mitsubishi electric
- Model Muy24va Msyge24va
- Total $2400

- Mitsubish electric
- Model Mxy 4a38
- Msyge24va x01
- Msyge13va x 01
- Total $4000

Both package comes with
- Armaflex class o
- Keystone cable
- 22swg copper pipe
- 16mm drainage pipe

I am sliding towards option 1, but afraid that the compressor will not be able to provide the coldness as compressor is only 28000BTU (Needs to support 24k BTU and 13k BTU units)

Oh ya, the pricing got kena carrot or not ah???
Any expert can advise me on the following things?

Sorry for posting so many questions....
I am getting from cold engine also but prefer on Cat I insulation instead of Cat O.
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