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MHI System 2 with CoolServe

My installation with CoolServe was completed yesterday. A short recap:

1) Installation:
- Installer came on time (was scheduled 2-3pm and they arrive at 2pm sharp)
- Both of them are quite young (in their mid-twenties to thirties maybe?)
- They were polite and efficient as well as accomadating.
- They seem experience as both knew what needs to done and did them independently, e.g. 1 was fixing up the trunking while the other work on removing the old bracket.
- They clean up and remove the old air-con, sweep the floor and kept a clean working environment. This happen regularly throughout each small milestone of the installation.
- They also putty up the wall afterwards. e.g. the holes left by the old bracket, the discoloured wall left by the old trunking (cos the new trunking is slightly smaller).
- Afterwards, the guy briefly ran through the basic operation of the air-con with the remote
- Area was cleared of debris. Still dusty but definitely nothing to complain about.
- Total time taken was about 3-4 hours.

2) MHI System 2
- Compressor is quiet.
- Air-con is cold (no complain from my parents after using it last night although it started raining later in the night). Anyway, time will tell.
- The ability to direct the flow of the air from left to right (not just up and down) is useful as the blower is mounted at a corner of the room

Minor complain:
- The insulation for the outside pipe was slightly torn. According to them, it got caught on some sharp edges when they push it through the wall.
I brought this up to Coolserve and they will be arranging for someone to come down next week to wrap up the affected insulation with some insulation tape.
- Both blowers seems to be tilted but the installer says it is level. I don't have any equipment to check so will wait until next week for them to come down and check again.

Also, the invoice and warranty card will only be mailed to me when my cheque clear... not sure if this is the market practice.

Overall, I am satisfied with Coolserve apart from the 2 points above.

- They use a pipe-bender to bend the pipe.
- Just found out they use Sigma instead of Keystone cable.

Have escalated this to CoolServe.

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