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Yes. They took abt 2 weeks to mail out the warranty card. Mine is ME so i can register warranty online within 14 days without waiting for their receipt.
So, did you manage to confirm all parts they installed is as said brand?
Trucking and drainage pipe i dont know how to vertify but lucky this components not important. Still angry with the brand they choose for my copper pipe. 😡😡😡
Frankly, I don't really know how to check...

Trunking I don't really care as I believe it will not impact performance.

The pipe is about the same size as those I saw in showroom when they show me their 16mm pipe.

The insulation are Armaflex Class-1 and has a "H" so I take it to mean it is 1/2" thickness.

The copper pipe inside I can't really tell as the wordings are too small and I have "lao-hua".

I forgot to check the power cable and just did a check on what I can see.. i.e. the little portion connected to the plug head that is plug to the wall socket. It is Sigma.

I have highlighted the last issue to CoolServe and is awaiting their reply.

Sigh... guess I should have being more vigilant during the install.
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