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Didn't bring my wallet to my block downstair 7-11, only my iPhone and when going to pay, I ask to pay by Paywave and the cashier told me "not supported". I told her I thought 7-11 all along support Paywave and even Apple website show support Apple Pay, they don't even have the Paywave terminal, in the end walk back home to take money. Totally no standardization island-wide! Apple website should states "selected stores only" 7-11 as it show that not all support NFC cashless payment. Not only my house downstair 7-11 don't accept Paywave and Apple Pay, Pasir Ris MRT there that outlet also the same. =.="

I have email Apple Pay SG support and 7-11 in regards to this issue.
You should have email 7-11 instead right??
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